About Us



It's About Sustainability

First Home supports our Mother Earth and community, through supporting local suppliers and manufacturers, designing for versatility and longevity, and creating products in small batches or made-to-order. We incorporate mindfulness, authenticity, and care in everything we do - from design to production to packaging. We aim for growth and continually improve our business practices to ultimately, become circular.

It's About Intentionality

Our mission for growth guides us on an individual level too. We believe living with intention allows us to take a step back and reflect on the choices we make, the habits we carry out, and the people that surround us. When we make conscious decisions, we become a better business, and better people.

It's About a Holistic Life

Because our choices are rooted in our values, we are able to move towards a holistic life. A life where we can care for the relationships and things that truly matter to us. A life where we enable the small, joyful experiences that make it worth living. A life where you can feel at home.