Embracing the Divine Feminine

Today, woman are faced with so many opportunities outside of family. Although these opportunities are blessings, they also come with burden. So we see messages on hustling, grinding, being a mompreneur, momfluencer, a boss bitch, getting more money, followers, businesses, etc. But we're not really hearing about the struggle and pressure that comes with all of that. At some point, you wonder what's wrong with just being content with what I have?

Niña is one of the friends I've met through running First Home. She's a single mom with multiple businesses (which I've linked below) whose story really resonated with me. She is able to harness feminine energy in a world where masculine energy is being glorified. 

When I was growing up, the first half of my life was spent closely with my mother's side of the family where most of my cousins were boys. With them, I learned how to play sports, video games and build objects-- I thank them for the source and origin of my divine masculine energy because it is something I am able to harness today.

The following half of my life was spent with my father's side of the family, dominated by women. My father has four sisters, all whom embrace their divine masculine energy. Such strong and independent women who worked hard in their academics and careers. I embodied this and used this to experience and excel in as many things as I could but there came a point where my relationships suffered. My divine feminine energy was hardly being tapped and so I had to re-evaluate my life. It took years and the journey still continues. To embrace your divine feminine means to ground yourself, to nurture yourself and allow the divine masculine to play their part and not take it from them so that you can receive and manifest.  

Divine feminine energy is all about following your intuition, going with the flow, doing what feels good, being empathetic, and being abundant. Divine masculine energy is all about serving, protecting, being assertive, hustling, and working hard.

Both are important and we all have aspects of both. But as a woman living in today’s world, I feel like it can be easy to start embodying more masculine energy and lose touch of your feminine energy. When you lose touch of your feminine energy, you start to become burned out, tired, and no longer in a state of flow.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that life started happening and opening up the way it was supposed to be for me when I started embracing my divine feminine energy, and by this I mean I've taken years to learn to follow my intuition and to let go of things I cannot control and just embrace abundant energy despite any external circumstances that may come up and potentially govern my inner peace.

After reading this, I felt a sense of relief, calmness, and an urge to let things go once in awhile. If you did too, follow Niña on Instagram and her many passion projects.