Why I Built First Home

If you look into First Home’s Instagram profile, you’ll see that I’ve set it as a Personal Blog rather than a Retail Business. I have always wanted a brand wherein I can showcase the products that have brought value in my daily life. In 2017, I committed to buying nothing new for a year unless fitness and health related. That year was a struggle because the places I hung out in the most were air-conditioned malls. But it was a great challenge because I’ve learned how to spend on things that I deem are important and cut unnecessary expenses. First Home is more than a business to me, it is a sharing of my journey into ethical consumerism and holistic living for women like me. I launched with loungewear this year and I plan to dive into more products in 2021.
My current business model is far from circular, but it is my goal. I am slowly finding out my business’s areas of strength to solidify and the areas in need of improvement. I do not plan on scaling First Home until I can truly call this business "sustainable". Truthfully, being in the retail industry, - even for a brand as small as mine, is difficult to be zero-waste. There’s a LOT of plastic involved coming from suppliers and logistics. To resolve this, I am contributing to The Plastic Flamingo to donate all plastics used in my manufacturing process and working towards a plastic-free delivery with EcoNest PH. The Plastic Flamingo is an organisation determined to keep plastics out of the ocean. They collect donated plastics to recycle them and turn them into eco-lumbar for emergency shelters. EcoNest PH provides environmentally-friendly alternative packaging like cassava mailer bags and honeycomb wraps for your orders. This is just the beginning- I want every part of First Home to be reused, repurposed, and recycled by working with organisations that are fighting to make a difference.
On a personal level, my true goal for First Home is to be able to educate my daughter about minimalism and sustainability, and bring this into our daily practice. The world before 2020 is no longer here and I’m afraid of what the world will look like when my daughter is all grown up. With the climate crisis, COVID-19, and political disputes present, the call for a change in lifestyle, habits, and choices rings louder. I’m unsure about the impact I can make on a global level, but I can influence how my family lives today for a better tomorrow. Change starts at home.
Note To Self is a monthly blog on First Home to share our stories and learn from others. I would love to know more about you and your experiences! Have you and/or your family picked up a habit since this quarantine? What habit did you want to add or subtract in your home life? How are you committing to good change at home next year?